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Christian Support for Our Troops - Thank the Troops

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About Us



A professional singer since the age of 19, Gina Kelly Parsons has performed with various talented groups and with popular big bands. She has recorded commercials for both radio and television.

As a young woman, Gina made a total commitment of her life to Christ and experienced personally His life-changing power. This led to the transition from secular singing to ministry in music. What began in the Mid-Atlantic area has since taken Gina to many locations in the U.S. and to several other countries of the world. God has called her to take His love and healing to the world. She has traveled as a short-term missionary to South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia and the Fiji Islands.

In the U.S., Gina has ministered in churches of almost every denomination, and in conferences, conventions, and other related Christian functions from the East to the West coast. She has also been a featured guest on Christian radio and television.





Until December 1989, Gina had been serving the Lord as a single woman -- often traveling alone. But at that time, she married Mark Parsons. Since then, Mark has retired from a secular engineering career and has earned a Master of Divinity degree from Oral Roberts University. Gina and Mark have since formed their non-profit ministry, Celebration Ministries, Inc. They rejoice that they are now able to travel together for the Lord. They have taught in Bible schools overseas, have been active in their church and in prison ministry.



Since Operation Iraqi Freedom started in 2003, Gina and Mark have been concentrating on bringing the Gospel and thanks to our military personnel. Gina also ministers in patriotic concerts to remind Christians of our country’s heritage and encourage them to pray for our troops. Since 2004, Gina and Mark have ministered to soldiers in over twenty military installations in the U.S. and Germany, in six military Marriage Retreats, in six Army Chaplain CREST/CAST conferences, three Army SLTC conference and other chaplain conferences.

"The Lord put it on our hearts to express our thanks and our prayers for the soldiers fighting for our freedoms. We felt to put aside all our other ministries and concentrate on reaching out to our troops. To encourage them and help them trust God, we created a packet, A Message of Thanks, Hope & Love for Our Troops, which contains a booklet, mini-CD and Psalm 91 card. To date over 30,000 have been sent to our military men and women – many donated with help from our partners. A portion of all sales is being donated to military families in need. (Those funds have been used to renovate a wounded soldier's home to make it wheel chair compatible, they have helped reserve soldiers to stay afloat financially after losing their job at home, they have helped families of wounded soldiers to travel to military hospitals to be with their sons/daughters, etc.)  We are also ministering in churches to gain support for this project and to encourage Christians to keep our brave troops in prayer. This is a non-profit project and a labor of love -- we receive no financial gain from it. Our heart is to get this packet into the hands of every deploying or deployed soldier."  -- Mark & Gina

*(Note that Donations for sending packets free through the chaplaincy will be devoted only to production and shipments of packets, unless the donor requests that a portion go to the fund for military families.)


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