Christian Support for Our Troops

Christian Support for Our Troops - Thank the Troops

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Tax-Deductible Donations to Get Packets to Our Troops Through the Chaplaincy

We are a non-profit ministry.  All donations are tax-deductible and will be used to produce and ship packets to servicemen and women through  military chaplains.

We have been working with chaplains from all branches of the Armed Forces to provide packets free to soldiers.  While we have donated thousands to chaplains on our own, we need help from others to send tens of thousands.  If you have a heart to reach soldiers with the gospel, we'd like to extend an invitation to join with us in sending more packets through the chaplaincy.

As an example of the chaplain responses, we recently received an e-mail from a chaplain stationed in Northern Iraq.  Excerpts follow:   

"As the deployment drags on, the need to build soldiers faith, especially those with new commitments to Christ and many who have rejuvenated their faith grows more and more important. We also have an unprecedented opportunity to present the power and validity of the gospel to soldiers.  I recently came across a "Thank the Troops" booklet, WHAT A BLESSING!  I presently provide ministry to two infantry battalions, and their supporting elements.  I would like to make as many as possible available to them.   Thank you for your prayers and support, the soldiers are doing well considering their living conditions (which are improving!), length of deployment, op-tempo and increasing threats.  Many are finding faith in Christ, and developing strong faith.  Keep these young men and their leaders in prayer. Their sacrifice is truly inspiring, I have never been prouder to be a part of something than I am of this. Thank you for any help."

The Air Force Chief of Chaplains office, located in Washington, D.C., has commented that the packet is excellent and would be a source of blessing to their men and women.  Therefore they sent one to each of their Wing Chaplains for their use/evaluation.  Col. Jim Ammerman, founder of Chaplains of Full Gospel Churches, has been very encouraging and has offered addresses of chaplains stationed overseas who would distribute these packets to the troops.

We were truly blessed when then Chief of Chaplains David Hicks of the Army said to us, "You are a part of us!"  That is how we feel and we know that this project is of the Lord.

We would love to offer thousands of these packets free to as many soldiers as we can.  All donations will be used for this purpose: to produce and ship more packets at no cost to our soldiers through the chaplaincy.  If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to this cause, please click on the donate buttons.

We Are Getting The Packets Into Iraq and Afghanistan!

We currently have about 40,000 packets in the hands of our military.  Chaplains who have deploying soldiers are currently ordering hundreds of packets to get into the hands of their troops before they arrive in Iraq and Afghanistan.  (We are praying that many soldiers will be right with God before they even set foot in the Middle East.)  Other chaplains want them but do not have the funds.  We have sent thousands of packets free to our chaplains in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Also, three ministries have hand-carried packets to Iraq to deliver to soldiers and chaplains stationed there.  As a result of seeing our packets, we have had chaplains in the Middle East contact us looking for more.  Some have been able to order them (and we have included more free) and others have made requests just as we have received some donated funds.  Therefore, we have been able to send their order completely free.  Thank you to all who have donated.  By doing so, you are thanking our soldiers there, encouraging them and helping them to have faith in Christ.


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